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24 ??KINS, James Des Moines  
87 ?AGDEN, Robert Folker  
107 ?ALFERTY, Richard Des Moines  
13 ?APPINGTON, Felix Grant  
143 ?ENNER, John Des Moines  
65 ?ERBASK, Mark Folker  
220 ?ESLEY, Winfrey Des Moines  
18 ?EWMAN, Albert Grant  
234 ABERNATHY, George Des Moines  
222 ABERNATHY, Joseph Des Moines  
12 ABERNATHY, Oliver Folker  
115 ADAMS, John Vernon Alexandria
6 AINSWORTH, W. F. Vernon Alexandria
28 ALDRICH, Edward L. Vernon Alexandria
27 ALDRICH, Willard Vernon Alexandria
11 ALEXANDER, F. Grant  
138 ALLEN, Annie Des Moines  
232 ALTHA, George Des Moines  
161 ANDERSON, Edward Vernon Alexandria
205 ANDERSON, Fred Vernon  
188 ANDERSON, Lucretia Vernon  
120 ANTHONY, Harriett Vernon Alexandria
121 ANTHONY, S. Grant  
135 ANTHONY, Susan Grant  
77 ARMSTRONG, James R. Grant  
136 ARNOLD, ? Folker  
51 ARNOLD, Annie Des Moines  
179 ARNOLD, Benjamin Vernon  
201 ARNOLD, Benjamin Jr. Vernon  
165 ARNOLD, Cass Vernon Alexandria
69 ARNOLD, E. Vernon Alexandria
137 ARNOLD, James Folker  
172 ARNOLD, John Des Moines  
196 ARNOLD, S. Vernon  
237 ARNOLD, Thomas Des Moines  
124 ARNOLD, William Vernon Alexandria
130 ASHER, John Vernon Alexandria
235 BAILEY, Adam Des Moines  
247 BAILEY, Elsworth Des Moines  
230 BAILEY, G. (male) Des Moines  
143 BAILEY, James Folker  
189 BAILEY, Joseph Des Moines  
4 BAILEY, Peter Folker  
119 BAKER, George Des Moines  
54 BAKER, Henry Vernon Alexandria
118 BAKER, Joseph Vernon Alexandria
115 BALDWIN, William Vernon Alexandria
78 BANKO, Ross Grant  
48 BARNETT, Joseph Des Moines  
53 BARRONES, R. W. Grant  
33 BARTLETT, William Des Moines  
146 BATES, Frank Des Moines  
244 BATES, James Des Moines  
163 BATES, Samuel Des Moines  
174 BATES, William Vernon  
36 BAUGHER, J. M. Grant  
28 BAUGHER, George Grant  
80 BAUGHER, George W. Grant  
27 BEDEL, David Des Moines  
134 BENEDICT, Charles Grant  
10 BENNET, Ellen Des Moines  
128 BENNETT, Emmerson Vernon Alexandria
110 BENNETT, Fred Folker  
35 BENNETT, Jackson Folker  
109 BENNETT, James Folker  
189 BENNETT, Richard Vernon  
27 BENNING, Dona Des Moines  
149 BENNINGTON, S. Vernon Alexandria
105 BENNINGTON, Alexander Vernon Alexandria
107 BENNINGTON, Charles Vernon Alexandria
106 BENNINGTON, Frank Vernon Alexandria
147 BENNINGTON, Henry Vernon Alexandria
43 BERRY, Seth Folker  
117 BERTRAM, Fred Des Moines  
48 BESKETT, George Folker  
72 BEST, Ben Des Moines  
101 BEST, Henry Des Moines  
14 BEUCHLER, C. Folker  
105 BEUCKLER, J. F. Grant  
90 BIEDMAN, Talbert Grant  
145 BILLUPS, Robert Des Moines  
112 BISHOP, Edd Grant  
81 BISHOP, William H. Grant  
6 BITZER, Peter Vernon Alexandria
74 BLACHON, Thadius Vernon Alexandria
31 BLACK, Hettie Des Moines  
181 BLACK, Walter Vernon  
33 BLACKWELL, Nevada Vernon Alexandria
52 BLAISE, Peter Des Moines  
164 BLANK, Mary E. Vernon Alexandria
11 BLATTERMAN, Catherine Folker  
29 BLINES, Casper Des Moines  
8 BLOYD, John W. Vernon Alexandria
15 BO?TON, Ells Folker  
42 BOATMAN, Ira Vernon Alexandria
137 BOATMAN, John Des Moines  
44 BOBERT, Otto C. Vernon Alexandria
205 BOLEN, Richard Vernon  
85 BOND, Charles Folker  
103 BOND, William Folker  
87 BOSTON, Richard Folker  
242 BOULUARE, Roy Des Moines  
24 BOWLES, Charles Folker  
61 BOYD, Bula Folker  
220 BRANT, James Des Moines  
112 BREITENBUCHER, Margarita Vernon Alexandria
52 BREWER, Cathrine Vernon Alexandria
9 BREWSTER, George Grant  
76 BREWSTER, Henry Grant  
57 BREWSTER, John Grant  
3 BREWSTER, Sarah Grant  
152 BRIDGET, John Folker  
65 BRIGGS, Andrew Des Moines  
63 BRIGGS, Jennie Des Moines  
48 BROWN, Dollie Vernon Alexandria
102 BROWN, George Des Moines  
28 BROWN, Jefferson Des Moines  
47 BROWN, Maggie Vernon Alexandria
165 BROWN, Mary E. Vernon Alexandria
88 BROWN, Mary L. Vernon Alexandria
140 BROWN, Vinson A. Vernon Alexandria
39 BROWNING, C. W. Grant  
102 BRUTENBUCKER, William E. Vernon Alexandria
172 BRYANT, Robert Vernon  
45 BUCKLEY, John Folker  
94 BUDELL, John B. Grant  
97 BULLARD, Harrison Vernon Alexandria
123 BURNETT, ? Grant  
14 BURRIER, J. Madison Grant  
108 BURROWS, ?bb? Des Moines  
16 BUSSINGER, William Des Moines  
10 BUTLER, Howard Des Moines  
132 BUTLER, Nelson Des Moines  
191 BYLOFF, August Vernon  
124 C?INDO, Emilis Folker  
50 CACKLEY, Bessie Folker  
17 CALFER, Eliza Folker  
139 CALKINS, Frank Des Moines  
64 CALLIGHAN, S. Folker  
208 CALVERT, Evert Des Moines  
184 CALVERT, Jack Des Moines  
156 CAM?N, Al Folker  
155 CAMPBELL, Henry Des Moines  
73 CANNING, Charles R. Grant  
78 CANNING, Frank Grant  
96 CANNON, James W. Vernon Alexandria
2 CAR??, Martha Folker  
15 CAREY, Richard Vernon Alexandria
204 CARNE, Annetta Des Moines  
204 CARNES, Goldie Des Moines  
152 CARNES, Homer Des Moines  
64 CARNES, Lulu Des Moines  
66 CARTER, Edgar Grant  
140 CARTER, George Folker  
33 CARTNALL, Jacob Grant  
40 CARTNALL, John Grant  
32 CARTNALL, Lewis Grant  
59 CASKLEY, Charles Folker  
34 CASSADY, Mike W. Grant  
141 CECIL, Arthur Grant  
58 CHAMBERLAIN, William Folker  
39 CHAUKS, Charles Des Moines  
5 CHILDERS, Noah Vernon Alexandria
119 CHRISTON, C. (Female) Folker  
2 CHRISTY, E. L. Grant  
46 CHRISTY, M. M. Grant  
154 CHURCH, Mary Vernon Alexandria
190 CLARK, William Des Moines  
66 CLEAVES, Samuel Grant  
169 CLEMENSON, Suran Vernon  
70 CLEMENTS, James Des Moines  
56 CLINARD, Harriett Vernon Alexandria
217 CLINE, Christian Des Moines  
163 CLINE, Robert Des Moines  
62 CLINE, Rosa May Grant  
66 CLOOK, Thomas Des Moines  
63 CLOOK, Emily Des Moines  
16 COCHRAN, Marion Folker  
55 COFFIN, Milliard Grant  
27 COFFRIN, C. Folker  
3 COLEMAN, Eugene Des Moines  
79 COLLINS, George C. Grant  
131 COLOGNE, Irene Grant  
107 COLOGNE, John Grant  
126 COLWELL, Edwin Folker  
125 COLWELL, Abe Folker  
72 COLWELL, Asberry M. Vernon Alexandria
72 COLWELL, Edward Vernon Alexandria
129 CONKLYN, William S. Vernon Alexandria
129 CONOE, C. H. Folker  
2 COOK, Illegible Des Moines  
71 COOK, Mary Ann Grant  
67 COOK, William F. Grant  
157 COOPER, Arthur Vernon Alexandria
27 COOPER, Noah Des Moines  
93 COOPER, Thomas Vernon Alexandria
35 CORDER, T. E. Vernon Alexandria
89 CORDER, Thomas S. Vernon Alexandria
209 COSLIA, Mary Des Moines  
79 COTTRELL, Nellie Des Moines  
68 COURTNEY, F. Grant  
118 COURTNEY, George Grant  
119 COURTNEY, John B. Grant  
142 COURTNY, Henry Grant  
55 COVEY, Mary Des Moines  
167 CRAFT, John Vernon Alexandria
237 CRUMLEY, Nelson Des Moines  
16 CURNES, Minnie Des Moines  
36 CURTS, Luzzetia Vernon Alexandria
139 DABIDSON, ? Folker  
115 DANIELS, Marion Grant  
32 DARK, William H. Vernon Alexandria
166 DART, Hiram Vernon Alexandria
74 DART, Hiram L. Vernon Alexandria
117 DAULTIN, Johnathan Grant  
101 DAVIDSON, G. Grant  
104 DAVIDSON, Lillie Grant  
101 DAVIDSON, Sorrel Grant  
44 DAVIES, Samuel Vernon Alexandria
66 DAVIS, Jo. H. Folker  
241 DAVIS, Ada Des Moines  
12 DAVIS, Edgar Grant  
65 DAVIS, Harry Folker  
149 DAVIS, Katie Des Moines  
146 DAVIS, Lorenzo J. Vernon Alexandria
131 DAVIS, Robert Vernon Alexandria
17 DAVISSON, Downing Vernon Alexandria
246 DAY, William Des Moines  
40 DEDMAN, Edward Vernon Alexandria
151 DEDMAN, George Vernon Alexandria
73 DEDMAN, John Vernon Alexandria
108 DEDMAN, John Jr. Vernon Alexandria
228 DEERE, Marion Des Moines  
52 DEITRICK, Jackson Grant  
56 DEITRICK, John Grant  
14 DEMING, Andrew J. Vernon Alexandria
100 DENNY, Rufus Grant  
127 DEWEY, Frank Folker  
3 DICKENS, Percy Vernon Alexandria
114 DICKSON, Irvin Vernon Alexandria
111 DICKSON, Arthur Vernon Alexandria
49 DILL, Charles Folker  
180 DILLING, Bertha Vernon  
29 DIMOND, Oscar C. Vernon Alexandria
125 DORETHY, Ina J. Vernon Alexandria
125 DOUD, Albert M. Grant  
209 DOVRE, John Des Moines  
99 DOWNING, Eli Grant  
44 DRAY, William Grant  
98 DREYER, Ethel Grant  
138 DRISEOL, James Des Moines  
51 DROSS, Albert A. Vernon Alexandria
158 DUNCAN, R. Folker  
130 DUNN, B. W. Grant  
145 DUNN, Plena Grant  
11 DUST, Claud Folker  

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