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I have put together information from various source to create this Web pages.

Most of the cemeteries listed for County of Clark I have never seen, so when I give a distance or location it is what I have gotten from Maps, Plat Books, Satellite images, and best estimate. 

Obituaries Information is for people that lived in Clark County at one time or had relative that live in Clark County.

Female are listed under maiden and married name, if both were given.

When you see a camera ICON click on it to see a picture.

When you see a document ICON click on it to see a text file.

circa on dates is best estimate.

Out of state in the address = I could not find a record for that item in the Clark County information that I have available.

Given Name (?) = I could not find a given name for the individual.

Surname (?) = I could not find a surname/maiden for the individual.

Newspaper address will be found by clicking on Citation (number).

Address and direction to the Cemetery is at the beginning of the list of person buried there.

You will find that underscore "_" in front of the name will sort the name to the end of the report or index.

"_Cem" = Cemetery

"_Fun" = Funeral Home

"_Nes" = Newpaper

"_Pho" = Photographer 

Please report errors using the e-mail address at the bottom of the page (click on my name after the word compiler) a subject will be given, but you will need to give the name and ID number (#1234) given at the beging of second line, also the error you are reporting in the body of the message.

Thanks for stop by.
Robert Hartman