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Sever Library Genealogy and History Books, Pamphlet, and Microfilm

Sever - Clark County Library
207 West Chestnut Street
Kahoka, MO 63445
Phone number (660) 727-3262

Sever Library Kahoka has received one set of Probate Records on Microfilm that cover the years 1830 to 1980.

Clark County Probate Microfilm Index [6,661 names][Requires a PDF reader] To DownLoad Adobe PDF Reader click here for other free PDF Reader do a search on the internet.

They have an Index by Surname

There is 170 roll of microfilm so ask at the front desk for help

Copy are on 8.5 X 11 paper at 0.20 cents per page [as of July 2009]

The library has a new microfilm reader with better printed output

Call No Title Author Date Pub.
  21st Missouri Volunteer Infantry Regiment Co. H Privates Vol. I    
  21st Missouri Volunteer Infantry Regiment Co. H Privates Vol. II    
  Anti-Horse Thief Association file, includes four original booklets    
  1840/50 Clark County, MO., Federal Census Records on CD ALLCENSUS  
  Hometown Journal Newspaper   Tuesday, July 30, 2002 Vol. 12, No.7
  Hometown Journal Newspaper   Tuesday, August 6, 2002 Vol. 12, No. 8
  Illustrated Historical Atlas of Clark County, Missouri, 1887 Edwards. This consists of 33 cards with some type of film attached, labeled Filmsort Brand Aperture Cards. 12-10-1982
  Johnson's Clark County Atlas 1896   1896
Photo Wheelen, Carl Frances, very old, a framed tintype. See Childress and Phillips Genealogy  
Postcards: (Postcards donated by: Mary Jo Sisson March 2002 & 2003)
  Kahoka, Clark Co., Missouri  
Postcards Band Stand   1909
" N. Methodist Episcopal Church   early
" Presbyterian Church   "
  Luray, Clark Co., Mo.  
 Postcard Washington Street (the main street in town)   1908
  Wyaconda, Clark Co., Mo.  
  Main Street (Photo of postcard)   1908
929.5 BET Bethlehem Cemetery Records    
929.5 CEM Cemeteries Deeded to Clark Co., Missouri These are records of rural cemeteries which had been privately owned, but later were deeded to Clark Co. One was deeded as early as the 1870’s.  
929.5 CEM Cemetery Inscriptions of Clark Co., Missouri Wilma (Walker) Dunlap and Wilma (Suter) Walker 1974
929.5 CEM Cemetery Inscriptions of Clark County, Missouri Wilma Dunlap 1973
929.5 CEM Cemetery Records of Clark County, Missouri

These records include the following cemeteries:

Alexandria, Anson, Antioch, Bartlett, Chapman, Clark City, Day, Dunbar, Eldorado, Ellison, Frazee, Henshaw, Howard & Eli, Lewis, Mayfield, Mitchell, Morris, New Revere, Revere, Peaksville, Sand, Shaffer family, Troxel, Wayland, Abraham family, Julius family, Weaver & Wolfe.

Recorded by: Ruby Crenshaw, Mary Alma Kay, Myra Irvin Damenil, John Irvin, Mrs. Harold McCarty, Mary Slutts & Cleo Harness Winkelman. 1965-1969
929.5 CEM Cemetery Records of Lewis Co., (Mo.)  Jean and Stu Purvines 1987
929.5 CIV Civil War Burials in Keokuk National Cemetery    
929.5 DAY Day Cemetery (Jackson Township, Clark Co., Mo.) Elaine Gorrell 1996
929.5 KAH Kahoka Cemetery Chiswell D. Lentz 1987
929.5 KAH Kahoka Cemetery, Montgomery, 2nd addition Chiswell Lentz 1995
929.5 KAH Kahoka Cemetery 2002 Jan Legg 2002
929.5 KAH Kahoka Cemetery 2003 Chiswell D. Lentz 2003
929.5 KEO Keokuk National Cemetery    
929.5 SIS Henry Sisson Descendants Clark County, Missouri Cemetery Record    
929.3 HIN Your guide to the Federal Census Kathleen W. Hinckley  
929.3 THO Map Guide to the United States Federal Census, 1790-1920 William Thorndale & William Dollarhide  
929.3 ARK Arkansas: 1840-1850    
929.3 CLA Clark Co., Missouri Poll Book   21 June 1864
929.3 EIG 1840/50 Clark Co., Missouri Federal census Records ALLCENSUS  
929.3 CLA Clark Co., Missouri 1850 Census Wilma Dunlap  
929.3 CLA Clark Co., Missouri, 1890 Census    
929.3 CLA Clark County, Missouri Naturalizations 1803-1892 Source: Circuit Court Records    
929.3 ILL Illinois: 1830    
929.3 IND Indiana: 1820-1830    
929.3 IOW Iowa Territorial: 1836-1850    
929.3 KAN Kansas: 1855    
929.3 EIG Kentucky: 1840 Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services    
929.31 LEW Lewis County, Missouri 1890 Census    
929.3 EIG Missouri: Schuyler Co., 1850 Federal Census Mrs. Marcus A. Williams 1965
929.3 MIS Missouri: 1830-1840-1850    
  Missouri: Caldwell Co., 1920 (on microfilm)    
  Missouri: Cedar Co., 1930 (on microfilm)    
  Missouri: Chariton Co., 1910 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Chariton Co., 1930 (on microfilm)    
  Missouri: Christian Co., 1870 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Christian Co., 1880 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Christian Co., 1900 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Christian Co., 1910 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Clark Co., 1860 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Clark Co., 1870 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Clark Co., 1880 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Clark Co., 1900 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Clark Co., 1910 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Clark Co., 1920 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Clark Co., 1930 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Clay Co., 1860 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Clay Co., 1880 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri Clinton Co., 1880 (on Microfilm)    
  Missouri: Dunklin Co., 1920 (on microfilm)    
  Ohio: Monroe County, 1850 (on microfilm)    
  Ohio: Monroe County, 1860 (on microfilm)    
  Ohio: Monroe County, 1870 (on microfilm)    
  Ohio: Monroe County, 1880 (on microfilm)    
929.3 EAR Ohio: 1800-1810, Washington Co., Ohio federal census & 1803 Washington Co., Ohio, state census    
929.3 JEN VIRGINIA Botetourt County Virginia 1850 Census Ruby Brugh Jennings  
929.3 HEA Virginia Census: 1790 Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year of 1790    
929.42 SUR Surnames in the United States Census of 1790 Genealogical Pub., Co. 1971
977.8 BAP Baptist Church Records, Luray , Mo. ,
Volume I –1866-1890, Volume II—1890-1917
977.8 BAP Baptist Church Records, Luray, Mo.,
Volume III 1918-1939, Volume IV July 1916-1953
977.8 CHU Church Histories, Clark County, Mo., (A supplement, contains records of the following churches: Baptist Church; Kahoka Christian Church; Prairie Church, also known as Presbyterian Church of St.Francisville & St.Paul Church).    
977.8 HIS History of Clark County Churches Clark County Historical Society  
977.8 REC Records of Des Moines Presbyterian Church Prairie Church    
973.742 BAT Battle of Athens file, includes two identical booklets, and the booklet, Martin Green Boomerang. all by Ben Dixon 1964 and 1966
973.742 DIX

Martin Green’s Boomerang Folklore of the Battle of Athens

Ben F. Dixon  
973.7 MUD

Battle of Vassar Hill, North, Missouri (copied from Porter in North, Missouri & various sources)

973.742 CIV Civil War in Missouri 1861-1865    
977.801 CIV Civil War Military Enrollment List Clark County, Missouri. CA. 1861    
977.297 CLA Clark County Civil War Soldiers Discharge Papers Missouri Miscellany, Vol. 7 State Wide Missouri Genealogical Records Boyd Pub., Co. 1979
973.7478 CON Confederate Roll of Honor Leslie Anders 1989
973.742 DAG The Daggs Fugitive Slave Case    
977.804 LAS The Last Reunion Book I Jan Gross and Pat Mullinex 1990
977.804 LAS The Last Reunion Book II The story of Clark County Civil War Veterans   1991
973.742 PAL Palmyra, Massacre, Marion Co., Mo.(Civil War Confederate soldiers killed)    
973.74 LAN Quincy In the Civil War Carl A. Landrum 1966
929.376 JUL A Roster of Revolutionary soldiers and patriots in Alabama Louise Julich  
929 GRO Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor (North and South) Bertram Hawthorne Groene 1973
973.747 AND The Twenty-first Missouri Leslie Anders 1975
973.742 CAL View From A Cornfield Joseph T. Caldwell  
973.7 MUD With Porter in North Missouri Joseph A. Mudd 1909
977.798 HIS A Bicentennial History of Van Buren Co., Iowa Van Buren Co., Iowa Bicentennial Committee 1976
977.7 SLO Lee County, Iowa, A Pictorial History Jerry Sloat  
920 KEN Kentucky genealogy and Biography Vol. 7    
929 SPR Kentuckians in Missouri Including many who migrated by way of Ohio, Indiana or Illinois Stuart Sprague  
929 BRO Pioneer Kentuckians Part 1 Linda Brooks  
977.8 DAV Community At Large Scotland County, Mo. Ellen K. Davidson 1993
977.83 McC Early History of Clark County, Missouri E.W. McCoy 1934
977.8343 HIS A History of Clark County, Missouri (Contains many biographies and photos). Hazel Bledsoe 1991
977.803 HIS A History of Clark County, Missouri Note: This is only a partial copy consisting of Xeroxed pages, of the 1 887 History of Clark Co., Mo. It does not contain any biographies    
977.8345 HIS History of LaGrange, Missouri 1832-1992.    
977.8345 HIS History of LaGrange, Missouri: Sesquicentennial 1832-1982.    
977.83 HIS History of Lewis, Clark, Knox, and Scotland Counties   1887
977.8 WIL History of Missouri: Mother of the West Volume I, II, III, IV, V Walter Williams c 1930
977.8 MAR History of Missouri Volume I, II, III, IV: Includes personal and family records David March  
977.832 HIS History of Monroe and Shelby Counties, Missouri (a reproduction) St. Louis National Historical Company 1884
977.8 HIS History of Northeast Missouri, Vol. I, II and III Walter Williams 1913
977.8 BRY A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri Wm. S. Bryan  
977.8 BRA McDonald County, Missouri Larry C. Bradley 1972
929.3 MIS Missouri Pioneers    
" Missouri Miscellany Volume 7 & 14    
" Missouri Obituary Index 1851-1882    
" Missouri Pioneers Volume 4, 6, 18, and XX    
" Missouri Miscellany Volume XIV, VII, IV    
977.83 DOU Some old Missouri History Early Clark County 1819-1962 Kenneth Doud 1962
929.1 SPE Genealogical research in Ohio Kip Sperry  
929 OHI Ohio Source Records    
929.1 SCH Pennsylvania Genealogical research George K. Schweitzer  
975.5 CHA Records of Augusta Co., Virginia 1745-1800, Vols. I, II, III and IV (Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia) Lyman Chalkley 1965
975.53 GWA Twelve Virginia Counties, Where the Western Migration Began John H. Grathmey 1937
977.8 MER Mercer County (West Virginia) History Mercer County Historical Society, Inc. 1984
977.8 COU Courthouse History Clark County, Kahoka, Missouri Courthouse History    
977.8 RES Restoration on Clark County Courthouse dome Restoration began August 19, 1991 on Historic Clark County Courthouse dome.    
725.15 OHM Missouri Courthouses Marian Ohman  
929.377 DEA Death Records 1883 - 1892 Clark County Missouri Mary Jo Sisson March 2004
929.3 MOR Mortality Records of Clark County, Missouri 1850-1860    
929.377 EDD Missouri Birth and Death records, Volume I Sherida K. Eddlemon 1995
  A-Z Obituary Records    
929.2 ALE ALEXANDER and PHILLIPS, Alexander and Phillips with Allied Families Evertt L. Alexander 1982
929.2 BAC BACHMAN, Bachman Cornelis Ellen Bachman Phlegar 1970
929.2 BAN BANTA, The Banta Family Genealogy Lee Marsh 1985
929.2 BEA BEARD, Beard Family Tree    
929.2 GRE GREATHOUSE, Across Time and Country, The Greathouse and Billiter Families Donna Llewellyn Lester 1995
929.2 BIS BISHOP, Bishop photos, etc.    
929.2 CRA BENNINGS and LEWISES, The Bennings and Lewises of Clark Co., MO. Lucretia Story Craw 2003
929.2 SMI BRAMMER, Up The Brammer Spur Trail Harold V. Smith  
B BRO BROWN, Grandmother Brown's Hundred Years 1827-1927 Harriet Connor Brown 1929
929.2 BRO BROWN, Vincent Brown of Kentucky and Ohio Robert Henry Brown  
929.2 CAR CAROTHERS Letters, Dr. Charles H. Carothers original letters, 1866-1872    
929.2 CHI CHILDRESS/CHILDRES, Childress/Childres family history    
929.2 CHA CHAMBERS, The Chambers Legacy, also The Helmick Heritage Verlee Chambers Dauma 1982
929.2 CLA CLARK, Clark Genealogy    
929.2 COO COOPER, History of the Cooper Family, of Chester District, South Carolina. (Includes a Revolutionary soldier). Alta G. St.Clair Hummel 1929
929.2 CRA CRANTZDORF, Descendants of Dietrich Crantzdorf    
929.2 MIL CROW, Missouri Daughters Crow About Their Missouri Heritage Janet Rowland Miller 2000-2002
929.2 DUB DUBBS, DUBS, DUPS and TOOPS, Dubbs, Dubs, Dups and Toops families Descendants of Hans Jacob Dups Minnie Dubbs Millbrook with Mary Alma Kay  
929.2 ELD ELDER, Elder Genealogy    
B EWI EWING, Ella K. Ewing Newspaper clippings, pictures and etc.    
B EWI EWING, Our Miss Ella Bette J. Wiley  
B EWI EWING, Ella K. Ewing, Missouri Giantess Barbara Chasteen 1977
929.2 FER FERGUSON, Ferguson Family History Charles W. Ferguson 1973
B FET FETTERS, Autobiography and Memoirs of John Fetters John Fetters  
929.2 FOR FOREE, FORE & FORD Charles M. Foree  
929.2 FRE FRENCH, The Family of Tom and Maggie French Don French 1975
929.2 FRO FROCKS, The Frocks of Maryland Richard H. Ott 1979
929.2 GAT GATEKEEPER, Gatekeeper: 1619-1979 Mildred L. Yates  
929.2 GRE GREATHOUSE, Across Time and Country, The Greathouse and Billiter Families Donna Llewellyn Lester 1995
929.2 HAN HANCOCK, Our Hancock Family Duane A. Pierce  
929.2 CHA HELMICK, The Helmick Heritage also The Chambers Legacy Verlee Chambers Dauma 1982
929.2 HEN HENTZEL and MILLER, Family tree of the Hentzel and Miller Families Roy H. Hentzel 1984
929.2 HAM HAMILTON, Three Rivers Lucille Femon Hamilton  
929.2 HEN HENSHAW, Henshaw Genealogy    
929.2 HOE HOEWING, Memoirs of My Mom Lois Blum  
929.2 JAM JAMES AND RITCHEY, The James and Eliza Ritchey Family, 1700-1976    
929.2 KEI KEITH, Collected Genealogies of Keith, Keath and Keeth The Keith Genealogy Book Project 1997
929.2 LAF LAFRENZ, LaFrenz Family History Including: Black, Foree, Hayden and LaFrenz    
929.2 LEH LEHMAN, ERMOLD, ARMOLD, Lehman - Ermould - Armold Alice Richardson  
929.2 CRA LEWIS, The Bennings and Lewises of Clark Co., Missouri Lucretia Story Craw 2003
929.2 MAR MARSH, Lost Creek Neighborhood - Marsh family of Lee Co., Iowa Lee A. Marsh 1986
B McK McKEE, Major David McKee Hugh C. Gresham  
929.2 McK McKINNEY, George W. McKinney Family of Missouri    
929.2 HEN MILLER, Family Tree of the Hentzel and Miller Families Roy H. Hentzel 1984
B MOO MOORE, Lafayette Moore, Monumental Crusader Lafayette Moore 1970
929.2 ALE PHILLIPS AND ALEXANDER, Alexander and Phillips with Allied Families Evertt L. Alexander 1982
929.2 PIE PIERCE, Adelade Pierce Field´s (Scrap book) Miscellaneous newspaper clippings of families of Kahoka, Palmyra, Shelbina, Hannibal and St.Louis. ca. 1879-1912.    
929.2 LAN POINDEXTER, Poindexter/Poingdestre A Norman Family, 1250-1977 John Poindexter Landers  
929.2 PRU PRUETT, Prewitt, Pruet and Pruett Richard G. Pruett 2000
929.2 QUA QUARRIES, Coffin Family, Hartley Family, Hill Family, Holdren Family, Norman Family, Norton Family, Vandolah Family, Wells Family    
929.2 RIP RIPPER, The James Ripper Family in America Isabella Scheck Stouder 1983
929.2 JAM RITCHEY, The James and Eliza Ritchey Family, 1700-1976 Meribah E. Clark 1976
929.2 SAI ST CLAIR, St Clair Family history: including pictures, marriage license, obituaries and family lineage. Mitzie St. Clair-Pitford  
929.2 SCH SCHMID, The Schmid Family Leroy J. Korschgen  
929.2 SEY SEYB, The Seyb Genealogy Jessie English White  Leslie Philip Seyb and Clara Wahrer Seyb 1950
929.2 SEY SEYB, The Seyb Supplement (six notebooks)   1949-1997
929.2 SIS SISSON, Clark Co., Cemetery Records, of Henry Eves Sisson ' s descendants Mary Jo Sisson March 1988
929.2 SLA SLAUGHTERS, History of a Missouri farm family - O.V. Slaughters 1700-1944    
929.2 TER TERRY, Terry Family Census, Vol. I and II 1790-1920 Ernest L. Terry 1995
929.2 DUB TOOPS, Toops, Dubbs, Dubs, Dups and Toops Families Milbrook and Kay  
929.2 WAH WAHRER, The Michael Wahrer Family Arthur W. Ingersoll 1958-1969
929.2 WAL Then along came Joe - Vol. II Descendants of Elizabeth Walker and John Looney, Jr. Wilma Walker Dunlap  
929.2 WAY WAYLAND, Wayland Families in the 19th century in Missouri John T. Wayland, Jr. 1982
929.2 WEB WEBB, Webb genealogy    
929.2 WEL WELLS, William Louis Wells    
929.2 WEL WELLS, Genealogical history and family ancestry of William Louis Wells   Second Edition 1994
929.2 WES WEST, Family Histories Shawn C. West 1986
929.2 GAT YATES, The Gatekeeper Mildred L. Yates 1979
929.2 WOO WOODRUFF, Early Woodruff family history Nancy Woodruff Brownlee and Lee Brownlee 2004
929.6 RIE Armorial General, Volume 1 and 2 A.L. Rietstap  
929.6 FAI Fairbairn s crests of the families of Great Britain and Ireland    
929.6 RIE Illustrations to Rietstap s armorial general Volume I, II, III, IV, V, VI V. and H.V. Rolland  
929.6 SCO The Romance of Heraldy C.W. Scott-Giles 1940
929.6 SCO The Romance of Heraldy C.W. Scott-Giles 1965
973.742 HON The Honey War    
977.8 MUR Outlaws of the Fox River Country, A tale of the Whiteford and Spencer murders J.W. Murphy  
977.8 SPE The  Spencer Massacre, 1877 Parts 1 and 2 Bill Young Project, Duane Taylor, Renee E. Riffle, James P. Burns and Meleese L. Young 2002
973.74 TWE 21st Missouri infantry: A brief history.    
973.74 TWE 21st Missouri Volunteer infantry regiment: Company H.    
977.834 BRO Early Recollections, Volumes I, II, III, IV, V Frank Brookhart  
929 NEW News and Such Hazel LeMaster  
  Johnson s Missouri and Kansas Map-1865 A.J. Johnson  
  Map Guide to the United States Federal Census 1790-1920 William Thorndale and William Dollarhide  
  1880 MAP    
929.3 MIS Missouri Marriages before 1840 Susan Ormesher 1982
929.3 MIS Missouri Marriages to 1850 Linda S. Barber Brooks 1984
929.3 MAR Marriage Records of Clark Co., Mo., 1837-1865 Volume I Wilma (Suter) Walker and Wilma (Walker) Dunlap  
929.3 MAR Marriage Records of Clark Co., Mo., 1866-1884 Volume II Wilma (Suter) Walker and Wilma (Walker) Dunlap  
929.3 MAR Marriage Records of Clark Co., Mo., 1885-1917 Volume III Wilma (Suter) Walker and Wilma (Walker) Dunlap  
929.3 MAR Marriag Records of Clark Co., Mo., 1911-1929 Volume IV Wilma (Suter) Walker and Wilma (Walker) Dunlap  
929.3 MAR Marriages and Death notices of Wheeling, West Virginia and the Tri-State area, 1818-1857, Volume I    
929.2 MAY Mayflower families Volume I Francis Eaton; Samuel Fuller and William White  
929.2 MAY Mayflower families Volume II James Chilton; Richard More and Thomas Rogers 1978
929.2 MAY Mayflower families Volume III George Soule 1980
977.8 CLA Clark County Fair & old settler´s day booklets    
385.314 DEP Depots    
616 DIS Diseases of the past commonly used terms    
973.3 BER Encyclopedia of continental army units Fred Berg  
977.8 KAH Kahoka Chapter Vocational Agriculture 1949 FFF    
929.37 KEN Kentucky Bible records on the internet    
917.783 CLA 1878 Clark Co., Mo., Plat Book    
917.783 CLA 1966 Clark Co., Mo., Plat Book    
917.783 CLA 1967 Clark Co., Mo., Plat Book    
917.783 CLA 1974 Clark Co., Mo., Plat Book    
917.783 CLA 1977 Clark Co., Mo., Plat Book    
917.783 CLA 1985 Clark Co., Mo., Plat Book    
917.783 CLA 1997 Clark Co., Mo., Plat Book    
917.783 CLA 2001 Clark Co., Mo., Plat Book    

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