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Cemetery Deed Page



1872 - 1934


Location:  County Clerk’s Office


Kahoka, Clark Co., Mo

Filed: Box labeled Clark Co. Deeds

Compiled by:  Mary Jo Sisson March


January 19, 1872

From:  Saml (Samuel) Yeager and wife

To:      The County of Clark State of Mo., for the use of the Public

Consideration:  One Dollar

Described as commencing at the North East Corner of the South East 1/4 of the South East Quarter of Section (16) Township (66) Range (9) West.  Thence West 12 Rods thence South 13 Rods thence East 12 Rods thence North to beginning containing 1 acre more of less.  It is the intention to convey the above piece of ground for use of Public for Public Burying Ground.


Samuel Yeager

Lizzie Yeager

- 1 -


December 5, 1894

From:  Martha Day, widow of Edward Day, Freddie E. Day, Susan Day, Annie M. Boltz, and Harvey Boltz, her husband, Julie Day, John Day, and Ferdinand Day, of the County of Clark and State of Missouri

To:  The General Public of the County of Clark in the State of Missouri, to: wit:

A part of the North West fourth of the South West Quarter of Section No. Twenty-five (25) Township No. Sixty four (64) Range No. Seven West described as follows to: wit:   Beginning at a stone five hundred twenty nine feet north of the South west corner of said North west 1/4 of South west Quarter Section 25, Township 64, Range 7 West, corner of the old grave yard and running from thence South Two Hundred feet, and running thence East One Hundred and Sixty seven feet, thence north 200 feet and west 167 feet to the place of beginning, and containing in all about 3/4 of an acre, including the old burial ground.

Mrs. Martha D. Day

Freddie E. Day

Susie M. Day

Annie M. Boltz

?????? Boltz

Note:  This is Day Cemetery.

- 2 -


August 2, 1881

From:  R. E. Hill & Ellen E. Hill his wife of Keokuk State of Iowa

To:  The judges of the County Court and their successors in office in trust of the County of Clark in the State of Missouri.

Consideration: One dollar.

Beginning twenty feet south of the north west corner of the north west quarter of section nineteen (19) township sixty five (65) of range six (6) west; Thence running south on said section line nine hundred feet (900) thence run east two hundred and fifty (250) feet, to a stake; Thence run north four hundred (400) feet; thence run west one hundred and fifty (150) feet thence run north five hundred (500) feet to the county road. Thence west along said road one hundred feet (100) to the place of beginning.

The above conveyance is made in trust for a public burying ground and no other. And to be known as Oak Wood cemetery, a plat of which is herewith filed.


R. E. Hill

E. E. Hill

Note:  This is Oak Hill Cemetery, sometimes known as Oak Wood Cemetery or Crow Cemetery.

- 3 -


September 7, 1925

From:  T. J. Spurgeon and Anna M. Spurgeon his wife, of Clark Co., Mo.

To:  Judges of the County Court of Clark County, Missouri and their successors in office.

Consideration $126.00

A tract of land beginning twenty (20) feet south and one hundred (100) feet east of the northwest corner of the northwest quarter of section nineteen (19) township sixty five (65) range six (6) west, said beginning point being the northeast corner of a tract of land conveyed by R. E. Hill and wife to the Judges of the County Court for burial purposes, by deed recorded at book 38 page 222, Clark County, Missouri records, running from said beginning point south with the east line of the burial ground, five hundred (500) feet; thence east one hundred fifty (150) feet; thence north five hundred (500) feet to the county road, thence west to the place of beginning, conveying by this deed one and sixty eight hundredths (1.68) acres, more or less.  Said land being conveyed for burial purposes.


T. J. Spurgeon

Anna M. Spurgeon

Note:  This is an addition, purchased by the county, in 1925, which adjoins Oak Hill Cemetery.  Although the deed does not mention the fact, bodies were disinterred from an Alexandria Cemetery, due to flooding, and moved here.

- 4 -


February 21, 1934

From:  Sarah M. Stephen, widow; James F. Stephen and Mary H. Stephen his wife, Hannah E. Walker and Ora Walker her husband, all of Clark County, Missouri, William O. Stephen and Elizabeth Stephen his wife, Walter W. Stephen and Vanessa Stephen his wife.

To: Henry Danker, J. T. Rutherford, E. C. Sisson, Judges of the County Court of Clark County, Missouri, and their successors in office.

Consideration:  One and no/100 dollars.

The following described tract of land for burial purposes:

Beginning at a point two (2) feet east of the stone wall which surrounds the Stephen family burial ground, located in the southeast quarter of section seventeen (17) Township sixty six (66) range seven (7) west, said beginning point being forty nine (49) rods five (5) feet north and forty three (43) rods ten (10) feet west of the southeast corner of said section, running from said beginning point north fifty (50) feet, west fifty (50) feet, south fifty (50) feet and east fifty (50) feet to the place of beginning.

Grantors also convey a right of way to travel over a convenient route to reach the tract hereby conveyed from the southeast corner of said section seventeen (17), with right of ingress and egress to and from said cemetery at all times.

Note:  Signatures not on typed deed, that I transcribed from.  Front of deed has "Sarah M. Stephen."

Note:  This is the Stephen Cemetery.

- 5 -


June 13, 1895

From:  Wm. S. Tinsley, Sr. and W. S. Tinsley, Jr., of the County of Clark and State of Missouri

To:  The County Court of Clark County, Missouri, for Family Burying Ground

A tract or parcel of land Six Rods Square, Bounded and described as follows:  Beginning Sixty Rods East and Thirty Rods South of the North West corner of the South West quarter of Section Thirty five (35) Township Sixty five (65) Range Seven (7) west; on the East line of said W. S. Tinsley, Jr.’s 60 acre tract of land, Thence West Three Rods Thence south Six rods, Thence East Six Rods Thence North Six Rods, and thence west Three Rods to a point 30 rods South of the North East corner of said W. S. Tinsley, Jr.’s land above described, same being the place of beginning, said tract is conveyed for a family burying Ground, Six Rods Square.

By this deed said Wm. S. Tinsley Sr. and said W. S. Tinsley, Jr. convey each one half of said family burying Ground.


Wm. S. Tinsley, Sr

W. S. Tinsley, Jr.

Note:  Hand drawn map of location attached with deed.  This is known as the Tinsley Cemetery.

- 6 -

Note by the compiler of these records:

In all of my years as a genealogical and historical researcher, I had never been aware that a few cemeteries, here in Clark Co., had actually been deeded to the county.  I feel sure the reason for it, was that the private families felt the grave yards would be better protected, if they were owned by the county.  I accidentally learned of them while researching a Deed Index book.  When I asked about them, the office in which they were filed, did not have any knowledge of them.  They were in a filing box labeled Clark Co. deeds, along with other property which the county had acquired through the years.  I have compiled these records so that other researchers would be aware of their existence.  The county is probably not aware that they own these cemeteries.  I do not know what their responsibility is to them, if any.


- 7 -

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