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Wyaconda Township Voters List

List of Qualified Voters in Wyaconda Township Clark Co., Mo.
Francis Turney Registrar
This Voter’s Registration record is undated, but it is pre 1870, this can be determined because Aaron Brokaw who is listed here, died Sept. 8, 1870. (mjsm)

Number Last Name First Name Initial
1 Brown Samuel  
2 Borden Stephen  
3 Benrfield Collins  
4 Barnes John  
5 Brokaw Aaron  
6 Borden Thomas D
7 Barnes David H
8 Barnes James N
9 Brown Henry  
10 Butler George A
11 Black Solomon  
12 Butler Henry  
13 Butler Garrat  
14 Brigget(Bridget) William  
15 Black William  
16 Butler Samuel D
17 Carter Charles E
18 Canfield Edward  
19 Chapman Albers  
20 Conkle Nicholas  
21 Cardwell Aurelius  
22 Connell Joseph H
23 Davis Sith  
24 Drinkwalter    
25 Douglass James R
26 Emeck/Emick John B
27 Etheridge William  
28 Fortune John  
29 Fifer James C
30 Galloop John  
31 Gibbs Derrick  
32 Gorby Eli  
33 Hammond Saml  
34 Harmon Wm  
35 Hanan Bradford P
36 Hancock Peter  
37 Hufford Zachariah  
38 Hufford John  
39 Howell Mathew  
40 Hesse John C
41 Holmes Geo W
42 Holmes James L
43 Hocrafer John  
44 Hostadt Wm L
45 Ingold Jeremiah M
46 Jones Ephraim  
47 Jones Greenbery  
48 Jones Isaac R
49 Knapp Henry E
50 King Alfred A
51 Loomis Caleb  
52 Martin Geo W
53 McDaniel Lloyd  
54 McKean Lyman W
55 Murphy Joseph F
56 Popejoy Wm R
57 Perry Oliver H
58 Pilcher Wm. H
59 Payne Oliver B
60 Palmerston Stephen A
61 Page Charles A
62 Palmerston Stephen A
62 Palmerston Wm  
63 Quertermous Elisha M
64 Riggs Elias R Sen
65 Riggs Elias R. Jr
66 Resor John R.
67 Ra/umbo George  
68 Randle Ashbury  
69 Rhoades Thomas B
70 Sackett Erastus  
71 Smith John  
72 Spencer Alvin  
73 Silver Hartwell  
74 Scouten John  
75 Swisher John J
76 Smith James P
77 Sheppard Geo A
78 Scott John  
79 Smith Wm H
80 Smith Thomas F
81 Sheets Benj F
82 Sparks Jesse S (?)
83 Sedam Henry N
84 Stewart James D
85 Stewart Joshua D
86 Sorrel Joseph  
87 Stauffer Abraham  
88 Turney Francis  
89 Todd Wm  
90 Tinsman Jacob  
91 Townsend Williard A
92 Walton John  
93 Wickham Jacob A
94 Wickham Eyrus(?) A
95 Wright John R
96 Wright Thomas R
97 White Gilman  
98 Wood David H
99 Wells Wm  
100 Woodruff Caleb  
101 Wells Rosewell  
102 Watson Eber  
103 Wickham James M
104 Yeager Samuel  
105 Young Wm  
106 Yalton Wm  
107 Yeager George  

Re___ed by the bord of Appeals & Revission Porter A L

Note: The foregoing list was purchased from Ebay recently. It is the original, written in pencil, on a legal size sheet of paper, written on the front and back of it. It had come from the estate of a Dr. Carothers, formerly of Clark County, Mo. It was found, along with other papers, in a very old trunk in the state of Washington, and was advertised on the Ebay Clark County website. A friend and I purchased it, so as to add it to our Clark County research.
Mary Jo Sisson March

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