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Jackson Township Map

Jackson Township Map

Jackson Township is made up of Section 1 through 36 Township 64 North Range 7 West, and Section 1 through 18 Township 63 North Range 7 West for a total of 54 square miles.


Cemetery Name Latitude D.d Longitude D.d Section
Day Cemetery Note: 2 40.313611N -091.626667W S26 T64N R7W
Llwellen Cemetery     S36 T64N R7W
Bash Cemetery 40.309722N -091.631944W S26 T64N R7W
Dunbar Cemetery     S25 T64N R7W
Cemetery in section 12 Note: 1     S12
Tallman Cemetery     S15 T64N R7W
Antiock Cemetery     S29 T64N R7W
Smith Cemetery     S32 T64N R7W
Zion Cemetery     S13 T64N R7W
Evens Family Cemetery Note: 3     S1   T?N R7W
St. Patrick Cemetery Note: 2 40.262778N -091.624722W S13 T63N R7W
Ellison Cemetery Note: 4 40.288611N -091.632222W S2 T63N R7W
Honey Creek Congregational Church Cemetery Note: 2 40.352778N -091.683889W S17 T64N R7W
Cemetery on Albert Boerner Farm     S17 T6?N R7W
Congill Cemetery 40.297500N -091.664167W S3? T64N R7W
Jeffries Cemetery     S21 T64N R7W
Old Sisson Cemetery     S27 T64N R7W
Sisson Chapel Cemetery 40327500N -091.657500W S22 T64N R7W
Mosely Cemetery     S28 T64N R7W
Kullick Family Cemetery     S13 T64N R7W
Resor or Hitt Cemetery     S3 T64N R7W
Mitts Cemetery Note: 2 40.319722N -091.665556W S23 T64N R7W
Walker Family Cemetery     S2 T64N R7W
Note: Why


"Cemetery Inscription of Clark County"  list the cemetery on Brigg's Farm, and has two stone Wells d. 12/1817 -- Kurbay d. 3/1817 


See for additional information.


"Cemetery Inscription of Clark County" list the cemetery on old Ahern's Farm


US Geographical Survey list this cemetery as Higbee Cemetery

Populated Place

City, Town or Village Name Latitude D.d North to south Longitude D.d east to west Section
 Antioch  Note: 1 40.324722N -091.693056W S20/29 T64N R7W
St. Patrick Note: 2 40.264444N -091.627777W S13 T63N R7W
Winchester 40.324722N -091.611111W S25 T64N R7W
Note: Why


Antioch is on the section line for section 20/29.


Also known as North Santa Fm circa 1855 Map or North Santa Fe Was a settlement near the site of St Patrick per USGS-GNIS. Also known as Saint Marysville/Marysville


School Latitude D.d North to south Longitude D.d east to west Section
 Antioch  40.317500N -091.694167W S20/29 T64N R7W

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