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(Luray Post Office)


Atchison, Sallie,
Sallie (Bane) Atchison, d. 1910, ae 76, bd. Eldorado Cemetery, widow of Thorton Atchison, had been widowed for 12 years


Bailey, A. M., a wife & dau. of an A. M. Bailey were bd. in Bailey’s Methodist Church Cemetery, in Washington Township, 1873 & 1877
Bailey, Julia, Julie E., 1842-1909, ae 67, bd. Combs Cemetery
Ball, J. S.
Barker, Matt
Barker, Samuel
Barker, T. M.
Bellowes, W. S., Walter S., 1847-1921, ae 74, d. at his home in Luray, bd. Combs Cemetery, (Civil War veteran)
Billings, A. J., prob. Anson J., 1849-1899, ae 50, bd. Blattner Cemetery
Billings, I. O., Ira O., 1854-1903, ae 76, bd. Blattner Cemetery
Billings, W. E.
Blakely, Sam, Samuel, 1827-1908, ae 81, bd. Eldorado Cemetery
Borden, T. L., Thomas L., d. 1921, ae 80, bd. Conkle Cemetery
Bradley, W. B., William B., 1842-1920, ae 78, bd. Combs Cemetery; listed in 1883 Pensioners Roll, with disease of the heart & lungs & chronic diarreha. (Civil War veteran)
Brown, J. C.
Buckley, Dan, Daniel, 1850-1929, ae 79, bd. Combs Cemetery
Butler, D. M.
Butler, F. S.
Butler, G. W., George W., 1858-1927, ae 69, bd. Kahoka Cemetery
Butler, Wm. N.


Cameron, Alfred, 1846-1934, ae 88, bd. Kahoka Cemetery
Cameron, Wm., William, 1834-1910, ae 76, bd. Kahoka Cemetery
Colvin, J. A., wife of J. A., (Isabelle,) 1861-1895, ae 34, bd. Combs Cemetery
Caldwell, E. R., a son of E. R. d. 1873, bd. Eldorado Cemetery
Callihan, R. G., Dr., Richard G., 1869-1935, ae 66, bd. Combs Cemetery (Luray doctor)
Calvert, I. M.
Carter, Robt.
Carter, Wm., William J., 1849-1934, ae 85, bd. Combs Cemetery
Chamberlain, R. O., dau. d. 1894, ae 27, bd. Kahoka Cemetery
Chasten, M. J., prob. Martha, 1829-1910, ae 70, bd. Blattner Cemetery
Coffrin, Edward
Colton, F.
Colvin, R. A., 1827-1915, ae 88, bd. Blattner Cemetery
Combs, A. L., 1871-1940, ae 68, bd. Combs Cemetery
Combs, H. A.
Combs, H. E., a son of H. E. Combs, d. 1865, ae 12, bd. Combs Cemetery
Combs, J. J., 1822-1901, ae 79, bd. Combs Cemetery
Combs, R. E.
Conkle, Peter, d. 1922, ae 78, bd. Conkle Cemetery
Creason, J. M.
Cross, A. F., A. Francis, 1828-1907, ae 79, bd. Combs Cemetery
Crow, N. S.


Davidson, J. S., possibly James, d. ae 52, at his home in Luray, bd. Ashton Methodist church Cemetery (Civil War veteran)
Davis, M. H.
Denney, Samuel
Dennison, J. W., John William, 1842-1924, d. at his home in Luray, ae 82; listed in 1883 Pensioners Roll with injuries of gunshot wounds to back, arm & hand, bd. Combs Cemetery (Civil War Veteran)
Dewey, F. M.
Donaldson, Wm.
Dorsey, G. J.
Dorsey, Jno. H., wife of John H. Dorsey, d. 1897, bd. Medill Cemetery
Dorsey, T. W., Thomas W., 1854-1929, ae 75, bd. New Woodville Baptist Church Cemetery


England, A. C., A. C. & Vila, have a dau. who d. in 1883, buried Combs Cemetery
Engles, Mortimer
Etheridge, Wm., William, 1831-1905, ae 74, bd. Kahoka Cemetery


Fairbrother, E. E.
Falkinburgh, J. V.
Falkinburgh, Lee
Felker, Eli
Fifer, J. C., James C., 1831-1903, ae 72, bd. Ashton Methodist Cemetery
Fifer, J. R., wife of J. R. Fifer, d. 1892, ae 17, bd. Ashton Methodist Cemetery
Foltz, Jno. M., John M., 1852-1905, ae 53, bd. Combs Cemetery
Fonda, J. W.
Frank, Phillip, Phillip J., 1867-1955, ae 88, bd. St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery
Frazer, N. E.


Gibbs, J. B.
Gibbs, Jno.
Gibbs, Mary E., 1839-1929, ae 90, widow of Darrick G. Gibbs, had been a widow for one year, in 1896.
Gilmore, C. C.
Gohring, Jacob
Guthrie, A.
Guthrie, Clarence


Hamilton, Wm., William G., 1848-1907, ae 59, bd. Combs Cemetery
Harkness, Coffin
Harness, A. M.
Harrison, J. W., John W., 1834-1900, ae 66, bd. Ashton Methodist Cemetery
Hawkins, A. L.
Heinberg, Henry
Herdman, W. C. (Rev.), 1849-1907, Oct. 8, ae 58, bd. Combs Cemetery “Rev. W. C. Herdman resigned work at Medill and Honey Creek churches as ‘an awful sickness and nervous prostration laid her hands on me last February.’” (Sept. 8, 1907)
Herring, Jno.
Herring, J. V.
Hess, Henry, Henry L., 1866-1944, ae 78, bd. St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery
Hill, Wm., William 1836-1924 ae 88, bd. Combs Cemetery (Civil War Veteran)
Horn, Wm., William, 1851-1934, ae 83, bd. Combs Cemetery
Howell, C. H.
Howell, Freeman, possibly Fremont Howell, d. 1928, ae 77, bd. Conkle Cemetery
Howell, Levi, d. 1947, ae 88, bd. Conkle Cemetery
Howell, Marion, Marion P., d. 1932, ae 70, bd. Ashton Methodist Cemetery
Howell, Matt, Matthew, 1832-1914, ae 82, bd. Ashton Methodist Cemetery
Howell, Ridley
Hutson, M. J.


Isbell, Wm.


James, S. B.
James, S. E., a wife of an S. E. Jones d. 1904, ae 54, bd. Wyaconda Cemetery
Johnson, Thos.
Jones, C. A.
Jones, E. P.


Kelley, L. J., Levi J., 1832-1909, ae 74, bd. Combs Cemetery, listed in 1883 Pensioners Roll with chronic diarrhea & hepatitis (Civil War veteran)
Kerne, E. T.
Kerner, F. J., Fred, 1833-1924, ae 91, bd. Wyaconda Cemetery
Kerner, Jno.
Kerr, Thos. A., wife of T. A. Kerr, bd. Combs Cemetery
Kerr, Wm.


Lake, John B.
Lakin, D. A., Daniel A., 1836-1917, ae 81, bd. Chambersburg Methodist Cemetery
Lakin, E. T., Edward T., 1854-1934, ae 78, bd. Chambersburg Methodist Cemetery
Lakin, G. W.
Layton, Isaac H., 1856-1940, ae 84, bd. New Woodville Baptist Church Cemetery
Lee, Chas., Charles E., 1860-?, bd. Combs Cemetery
Lewallen, E. W.
Lipper, C., Charles, 1841-1932, ae 91, buried Wyaconda Cemetery
Lipper, C. F.
Lipper, Ed
Lipper, Roy, Roy E., 1871-1948, ae 77, bd. Blattner Cemetery
Long, A. J., Ayers J., 1845-1926, ae 81, bd. Combs Cemetery
Long, Julia A., 1818-1898, ae 80, bd. New Woodville Baptist Church Cemetery, (Civil War widow, of Samuel Long)


Malone, Lucy, Lucy I. Chamberlain, 1857-1945, ae 88, bd. Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery, md. Larken Malone 1893, Feb. 15, Clark Co., Mo.
Mason, O. J.
Mason, T. B.
McCabe, A. E., Arthur E., 1851-1924, ae 73, bd. Combs Cemetery
McClure, C. W.
McClure, H.
McDaniel, Clarence, 1873-1897, ae 24, bd. Kahoka Cemetery
McDaniel, Loyd, 1827-1902, ae 75, bd. Kahoka Cemetery
McWhoten, Wm.
McWilliam, Js. H., wife & daughters bd. Thompson Cemetery, 1873, 1875 & 1877
Mosley, Plina
Murphy, J. H.


Northcraft, Lewis S., 1865-1933, ae 68, bd. New Woodville Baptist Church Cemetery
Northcraft, Wm. J., 1831 - 1899, ae 67, bd. Combs Cemetery, b. Shenandoah Co., Virginia, came to Clark Co., Mo. in 1838, at ae 7. (Civil War veteran - confederate soldier)


Odber, R. E.
Odbom, Robt.
Ochiltree, T. E., Thomas E., 1842-1916, ae 74, bd. Wolfe Cemetery
Ostrich, J. H., James Henry, 1848-1897, ae 49, bd. Combs Cemetery


Penrod, Jno.
Perry, J. A., Jeptha Allen., 1846-1933, d. at his home in Luray, ae 88, bd. Combs Cemetery; obit. states he was confined to a wheel chair his last 15 years. (Civil War veteran)
Peters, Jno., 1846-1935, ae 89, bd. Combs Cemetery
Pilcher, M. A.
Porter Bros., prob. William A., 1860-1948, ae 85, bd. Thompson Cemetery,
John A., 1851-1931, ae 80, bd. Thompson Cemetery
Arthur A., 1865-1935, ae 70, bd. Thompson Cemetery
Note: J. A. Porter was the president of the Central Bank of Luray.
Pryor, D. F., may be B. F. Pryor, 1852-1917, ae 65, bd. Combs Cemetery


Rainey, E. D., wife of E. D., 1866-1920, ae 54, bd. Wyaconda Cemetery
Read, C. M., Charles M., listed as a military pensioner, residing in Luray 1883, injury to abdomen, son 1872-1898, bd. Combs Cemetery (Civil War veteran)
Rench, T. D.
Rife, C. S.
Riggs, Maggie, a Maggie Loudon md. a John Riggs, Sept. 19, 1875, in Clark Co., Mo.
Riggs, Martha J.
Riggs, T. H.
Roland, O. G., Oscar G., no dates, bd. Combs Cemetery
Rowe, Isaac, 1839-1923, ae 84, d. at his home in Luray, bd. Combs Cemetery (Civil War veteran)
Rowe, Wm.


Scneider, John, 1830-1918, ae 88, bd. Combs Cemetery
Shannon, J. B. S., John Beal Stephen b. 1836, d. 1910, ae 74, at his home in Luray, bd. Combs Cemetery (Civil War veteran)
Shannon, Matilda
Shore, M. J., Mrs. Melissa J., wife, 1848-1933, ae 85, bd. Combs Cemetery
Sisson, G. A., George Ames Sisson, 1852-1916, ae 64, bd. Conkle Cemetery
Sisson, H. E., Henry Eves, 1833-1901, ae 67, d. at his home in Luray, bd. Conkle Cemetery (Civil War veteran)
Smith, L. C. M.
Snider, Jno. B., 1851-1914, ae 63, bd. New Woodville Baptist Church Cemetery
Snider, Martin, Martin P., 1854-1923, ae 69, bd. New Woodville Baptist Church Cem.
Stevens, I. L.
Stevens, S. V.
Swan, T. A.
Swisher, H. C., Hezekiah C., 1841-1912, bd. Combs Cemetery
Swisher, Jno.


Talbot, Jas. H., 1867-1962, ae 88, bd. Combs Cemetery
Teter, Loyd
Thompson, T. C.
Todd, Wm., M. D., 1811-1897, ae 86, bd. Combs Cemetery (Luray doctor)
Townsend, Elizabeth, 1835-1912, ae 77, bd. Combs Cemetery


Wicksham, J. A., Jacob A., 1862-1945, ae 56, bd. Wyaconda Cemetery
Wicksham, Jas., prob. James M. Wickham, d. 1912, bd. Eldorado Cemetery (Civil War veteran)
Williams, Caddie
Williams, J. B., James B., d. 1923, ae 66, bd. Sand Cemetery
Williams, L. R.
Williams, W. F., a dau. of W. F. who d. 1894, bd. Kahoka Cemetery
Wilson, Ed., Edward S., 1867-1933, ae 66, bd. Day Cemetery
Wilson, G. W., George W., 1841-1904, died at his home in Luray, ae 62, bd. Combs Cemetery, the 1883 Pensioners Roll lists him as suffering from chronic diarrhea. (Civil War veteran)
Wright, E. E.


Young, T. S.


Zimmerman, A.
Zimmerman, Chas., Charles, 1855-1901, ae 46, bd. Eldorado Cemetery


Note: All of these cemeteries are located in Clark County, Missouri.

Compiled by: Mary Jo Sisson March

        Johnsons’s Clark Co. Directory (1896)
         Cemetery Inscriptions of Clark Co., Mo. (1974) by Wilma Walker Dunlap
         Marriage Records, Volumes I, II & III by Wilma Walker Dunlap
         1883 Pensioners Roll for Clark Co., Mo.
         Civil War Veterans, of Luray, obituaries

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