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Time Line for Luray, MO.

I wish to thank Ms. Helen St. Clair for the "Luray Time Line" article.

Time line DateEvent
2001 - 2002 The businesses in and near Luray in 2002 are Armstrong’s Automotive, Becky Hopp’s Shirt Shack and Beauty Shop, Burr’s Sawmill, Cline’s Custom Bulldozing and Repair Shop, Alan Graham’s Sawmill, Jerry Graham’s Trenching, Hamner’s Sawmill, Joe’s Gun Shop, Sommer’s Sawmill, St. Clair’s Land Surveying, Stewart’s Sawmill and U.S. Post Office. Luray has three active churches within the general town area. They are the Luray Baptist Church, the Luray Methodist Church, and the Full Gospel Church. Luray has an elementary school with grades K-8. The high school students may go to their choice of high schools. At present there are about 54 elementary students and about20 high school students.
2000population is 102
1999About 50 grade school students
1990population is 70
1983Railroad tracks are removed
1980population is 175 --- Water is piped into Luray
1963Luray replaces old telephone system with dial
1959Luray builds new elementary school
1954Ashton post office closes- -- patrons are placed on Luray rural route
1953Luray closes high school- students bused to Kahoka, Wyaconda, Revere, (school of each student’s choice)
1945WWII ends
1940’sgood roads, good jobs in Burlington, Keokuk begins Luray area decline
1939Methodist Protestant Church burns
1938Luray’s First Airmail pickup
1936-7Railroad bridge collapsed with train on it as ice jam had weaken the bridge-- one fire man died
Luray Central Bank closed, reopened, and permanently closed
1930’s Depression times
1924Electricity came into town (not country area)
1920about this time the wooden sidewalks were replaced with concrete sidewalks
1918WWI ends
1916Modern Woodsman of America is very active
1915The two room white frame school was replace by 2 story brick school
1907Luray Telephone Company organized
1903Rural Route delivery of U. S. mail-- “Trot” Sisson is 1st rural carrier
1898First telephone lines put up
1896-7James Talbott owned & edited “Luray Register” newspaper
1895Money Panic times
1889LURAY NEWS , editor JW Murphy
1880 - 90Luray’s “Hey Day” Luray’s population was 246, there was the newspaper, a drug store, bank, jewelry shop, black- smith, barber shop, four general stores, train depot, lumber yards, stock yards, livery, stable, hotel, ice house, lodges, a busy, bustling town
1877Spencer family murdered --- 5-12 hundred went to funeral. Bill Young accused & found not guilty, but was lynched by mob.
1876Post Office name changed back to LURAY
1871Keokuk & Western Railroad completed---six saloons in town
1870Eldorado (Jim’s town) laid out
1867Cholera spread through town-- about 9 people died. Methodist church built
1866Baptist church (brick) built
1863Anti-Horse Thief Assn. organized in Luray in press room of “Luray News”
1860’sCIVIL WAR disrupts life, church
1858Town growing slowly, became incorporated
1856Murphy boys operate and own stage line from Alexandria to Bloomfield -- until 1861
1850Shaw built a grist & sawmill
1841Jan. 9 - Luray post office established - on June 4, 1841 to Eldorado
1839J. White & J. Brown open store & sold basics (boots, guns, coffee, tea, whiskey
1837Stark & George Combs laid out Luray
1835Four families came by wagon train from Kentucky settling here
1834W. S. Smith Tinsley built first house in Luray & later opened general store
1812 War of 1812
1804-5Lewis & Clark explore
1803 Louisiana Territory purchased

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