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Washington Township Map and General Information

Washington Township Map

Washington Township Map

Washington Township is made up of Section 1 through 36 in Township 64 North (T64N), Range 9 West (R9W) and Section 1 through 18 in Township 63 North (T63N), Range 9 West (R9W) for a total of 54 square miles.

General Information Washington Township

Cemetery in Washington Township

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Section
Albert Priebe Farm Cemetery     S 11 T64N R9W
Bailey Methodist Church Cemetery 40 15 29N 091 56 45W S 18 T63N R9W
Baskett Family Cemetery     S 28 T64N R9W
Bear Creek Baptist Church Cemetery 40 18 39N 091 55 51W S 31 T64N R9W
Cull Family Cemetery     S 13 T64N R9W
Fairmont Cemetery 40 20 05N 091 54 20W S 21 T64N R9W
George Phillips Family Cemetery     S 15 T64N R9W
Hauptmann Family Cemetery     S 03 T64N R9W
Klipsch Family Cemetery     S 01 T64N R9W
Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery 40 17 10N 091 52 10W S 15 T64N R9W
New Woodville Baptist Church Cemetery 40 22 39N 091 51 17W S 02 T64N R9W
Norval Murphy Farm Cemetery     S 03 T63N R9W
Old Rayburn Cemetery     S 36 T64N R9W
Ralph Jenkins Farm Cemetery     S 16 T64N R9W
Rynerson Family Cemetery     S 07 T64N R9W
Schuster Family Cemetery 40 21 36N 091 50 28W S 12 T64N R9W
Smith Family Cemetery     S 03 T63N R9W
Weber Family Cemetery     S 22 T64N R9W
Wells Family Cemetery     S 36 T64N R9W


Church Name Latitude D.d Longitude D.d Section
Fairmont 40 20 00N 091 54 20W T64N R9W-21
Bailey Methodist Church 40 15 29N 091 56 44W T63N R9W-18
Bear Creek Baptist Church 40 18 39N 091 55 51W T64N R9W-31
New Woodville Baptist Church 40 22 39N 091 51 17W T64N R9W-02
Liberty Baptist Church 40 17 11N 091 52 13W T64N R9W-15

Populated Place

City, Town, or Village Latitude D.d Longitude D.d Section Note:
Fairmont 40.333138N 091.910000W T64N R9W-21  
Wyaconda 40.387524N -091.929524 T64N R9W-06 1
Note # History
1 was called the Pall Town addition


School Name Latitude D.d Longitude D.d Section Note:
#1     T63N R9W-11  
Mount Tabor School #2 40.341944N -091.864722W T64N R9W-23  
Independent School   #3 40.372222N -091.929444W T64N R9W-07 1
Boston School  #4 40.382778N -091.853611W T64N R9W-01  
#5     T64N R9W-34  
#6     T64N R9W-30  
Wells School #7 40.306667N -091.851667W T64N R9W-36  
Fairview School or Clough School #8     T64N R9W-10 3
#9     T64N R9W-20  
#11     T64N R9W-14  
#12     T63N R9W-08  
Tanyard School (Fairmont) 40.329167N -091.910556W T64N R9W-21 2
Note # History
1 24 April 1913 voted to consolidated with Wyaconda C1 School District
2 Fairmont School is not listed in Johnson's Clark County Atlas 1896

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